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took it out for a drive, for about 5mins....got pulled over lol


tyres checked under the hood check gave me the ok and was on my way merry way again



some pics at the car wash earlier











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i wanna take it out for a cruise before i paint it!!




Not many ppl seem to thank the minor or major advices they get from SilviaWA


Since uber excited about rolling this on the streets again i wanna thank Kev for always giving me good advice about what to do and stuff, and take my stupid derpa questions followed by a real answer.


Major thanks to everyone on irc





Don for always been such a cracker on irc

Sirlagz for randomly dropping by and maintaining irc

Major props to Pete for always kicking me off irc like a bawwwwwwwwse, Yeah thats right, U DA BAWWWWWWWSE



Crumz - for posting so much useful info i didnt have to directly ask him.

Champ - cooler core and some good advice, not as godly as Kev however ;p

Scooter dunno why but im gonna thank him neways o.o

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iunno heys.. we got pulled over i was like awwwww fak.... ^%$^%$ it hasnt even been 5mins thats hella gay


Cop dude gets out of car asked if it was mine straight up checked the wheels...


Checked ride height


Asked to check boot was empty no trims


took a good look inside interior had wires and duct tape all over the place not to mention the rear guard is held on by the door jamming against it ... nothing else >.>


Asked to pop bonnet and i was like please no... T_t


He took a good long look and was like hmmmm..... looked at me said "thats fine... ok, you can go"


Looked at mate.. was like LETS GO CAR WASH!!


and went on a good 1hr cruise upto joondalup and back

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Not that i'd complain, but this just points out the inconsistencies in our police force



Seems like the only cops that did their job correctly and not try to play mechanic.


He checked my trunk to confirm i didnt have a dead body hiding back there


confirmed my tyres werent bald checked under the hood to make sure there were no hidden trolls camping it out.


So i guess he assumed i wasnt a serial killer nor was i hiding trolls in my bonnet, my wheels were rollable so i wasnt a danger or menace to the society.


right on sir, every cop should play their role as a cop and not attempt to play mechanic.

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They just need reasonable suspicion that the car is not road legal (no mechanical knowledge necessary).

Your car was certainly suspicious.


Good work though. Keen to see it painted.

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They just need reasonable suspicion that the car is not road legal (no mechanical knowledge necessary).

Your car was certainly suspicious.


Good work though. Keen to see it painted.



yeah starting prep work this week end gonna try my best to get the panels straight with no fibreglass ripples


Plan is to sikaflex rear guards on then bog it up


last time i spent hours fibreglassing it onto the body and it didnt come out as nice as ones i sikaflexed and bogged


hopefully the weekend after ill have a new coat of paint, lots of interests with frens and forumers advising to stick with bayside blue which isnt a bad idea since i wont have to sand down the mirrors and boot since they were properly painted the rest of the car's paint is terrible.. didnt even noticed the door jams werent done either when i bought the car


Anyone know of a good place to get rear 1/4 windows removed would be appreciated

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think i saw this saturday night going to nitro circus?



i went pass burswood dome to a mates of a mates birthday party at the burswood golf club?


no updates since its been really cold and rainy... but got my bonnet!!


anyways anyone has the slightest idea what this colour is?


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that purple would look dope... any sort of purple i am a fan of not sure about other people on the forum.


but yeah man get a different colour! be different...



haha yeah its one of those *silly* up situations where there are so many different colours to choose from...


Ideally id like it dark just so at night time i can blend in with traffic.. lol different colour? nothing fluro or bright please


dont wanna stand out from the crowd ;p


gotta take cost into the equation also... midnight purple 3 is a chromelusion tinter same price range as harlequin


closest thing i can do is use the shiraz purple from the s14a as a basecoat and blue purple red gold ghost pearl it as a cheap imitation of mp3


hope this sheet weather lets up soon so i can start work on it,

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Post revival Hurhuthuthu, can't believe this acc is still here from 2005.


Going through my activities, damn time flies only right to squeeze an update, where the munt, the scooter, for my son, dam0, gruzy guys at?

Anyways progress as follow, ended up with midnight purple

r33 front / rear brakes
18x10.5 / 9.5 work d9r
Chefi gauges
Link g4+ storm
complete front/rear rewire / tucked
made a catch can on top of radiator / fan shroud
Cp 9:1 pistons
Max spedding rod conrods
Acl bearings
crank grub screwed balanced etc
tomei fpr
Spec r gt interior
5.75" hks super drager exhaust (4inch turbo to 2x 2.75 back to 4 inch at diff -getting ready for VET)
greddy radiator
1650cc douche werk injectors
walbro 460
dual guide shim mod
greddy intake n fuel rail
Pwr fmic
50mm turbosmart gate
264 in/ex cams
tomei RA valve springs
6 boost mani twin scrolled
voltex rear wang
ford focus aircon condenser
new carpets, refurbed steering wheel
Mishimotor R line thermo fans
80mm tb ebay spec
Splitfire coilpacks
Standard 6 speed and diff

Far as sound system goes, type R 6.5 components front/ rear and 12inch type r sub powered by 500watt rms alpine amp and 600watt rms x 4 amp
Deck is a px6 android 16gb ram 64gb rom utilising can channels to run realdash / change map/ antilag/launch control etc

323rkw @ 21psi full boost 3.5-3.6k rpm e85, apparently on a known low reading dyno.






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