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sr20 ke70 build

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Looking great, eta on skid vids?



Rocket cover would look good with nissan logos shaved!

will be getting tuned once i get the waste gate ive been waiting 2 and a half weeks for and make a screamer for it. I have a spare rocker cover so might have a play once this is all sorted. dont want to let all the rockets out from under the cover just yet

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so after seeing the price of a genuine garrett v band flange i decided to buy a $30 v band kit and turn it down to the right size and made up a dump pipe http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i17/ridemx21

Went to order harder rear springs and this happened http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i17/ridemx21/BCB7C0F6-1E69-48AF-A416-256C6B91B013_zpsosphtvpo.jpg   http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i17/ridem

S13 cluster is the goer man, it means all gauges will work as factory too. It so easy to wire up I can give you the pinouts & wire colors if you like? Will look and work so much better than anyth

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Got the car on the dyno last night but quickly ran into some

Fuel issues before we got much done. So now i got some 1700cc injectors,

Ordered a holley 12-1400 fuel pump and am sorting out some 1/2 inch hardlines and a better surge tank




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Impressive figures!


I was dumbfounded for a bit looking at the dyno charts, then noticed it was E85 :P


Would love to see a proper torque run, only because the hp is very similar to my setup on 98 :)

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Upped the fuel system

1700cc injectors

Holley dominator 1400 pump

Aeroflow surge tank

1/2inch feed 3/8 return




Once it got a bit of fuel back into it the power figures got a bit more realistic too


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761nm aswell , thats awesome. not sure if i missed it but what cross memeber/engine mounts and gearbox mounts did you use? did you make them yourself?

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Uses a full s13 crossmember, steering, brakes, coilovers, etc. all i did was weld a piece 50mm further forward to give more firewall clearance and a better shifter position. Gearbox mount i made using the ke70 auto and rb20 box mounts. There are a few photos of it all in this thread

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The heavy duty clutch i was running started to give up so i bought a hhdb exedy clutch and picked up a blown rb25 box so have a play with while it was apart, seem too all fit in pretty well so ill look at rebuilding the box and replacing the 20 box in the future






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put my new clutch in doesn't feel the best with a very high release point but im told these clutches can do weird things for the first 1000kms while they bed in so ill see how it goes




also had another couple of rockers break on me



had some hand brake issues so decided to strip the rear callipers down and do a quick clean and rebuild







and also found that the crank breather between the bottom end and the rocker cover is suppose to have a restricter in it so i pulled it out of the original pipe and put it in the new one


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Looking good mate. Whats with the rockers breaking? You bouncing it off limiter alot? Only seen it happen that badly with major limiter bash or those stupid bee*r limiters

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Looking good mate. Whats with the rockers breaking? You bouncing it off limiter alot? Only seen it happen that badly with major limiter bash or those stupid bee*r limiters

i think its a combination of things;

hydraulic lifters,

a pretty harsh rev limiter

and making peak power on rev limiter


ill go with sold lifter soon and get it retuned with a less aggressive limiter set maybe another 800-1000rpm later

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well that means you can go up to 2.7L n/a and 2.2L turbo

855kg x4.0= 3.4l approx 855kg x2.75= 2.3l turbo

Just to clarify that i did the math

i may be late on the math but i did it

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Went to order harder rear springs and this happened








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Nice one man good old rolla

How do you find the areoflow products ?

Surge tank and fuel rail setup ?

Yer the aeroflow stuff has worked really well for me, id highly recommend it, thats why ive used so much of it hahah

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Gone solid lifters now http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i17/ridemx21/D8BD3F95-704A-4CE2-A6C1-32AD66DB9672_zpsryjirzwr.png

Procam 260 solid profile (slightly smaller than the bc264s i had)


And a bigger map sensor


With some good results






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So not too much has been going on with this lately other than driving and getting use out of it so ive decided to start playing with it again. Plan for the future are gtx3076, a better flowing intake mani, ls coils, twin plate clutch and 25 box.

For now ive started with the coil and have been designing and getting a bracket for them made (if anyone interested in one hit me up I can get more made)





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