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tail lights not working but break lights do?

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just wondering if any one can help me, the tail lights in my car arnt working when i turn my lights on, but my break lights are still working. Is their something i can do to fix this or will i have to take it into an auto electrician?



check ur fuse box for parking lights..

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Are your dash lights working? Or it's just your tail lights?


I had this problem... Check the fuse, see if it's blown, replace if needed.

For me it was the earth wire for the cd player head unit. Check that the earth wire is attached properly and no other wires are touching it.


If it still happens, take the tail light globes out and see if all sockets are in tact, then check to make sure globs haven't blown, put globes in one by one to make sure they aren't causing fuse to blow.


If it still happens, check front park lights, make sure the sockets and globes are in tact.


If it still happens, then check all wiring.

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