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Clutch Reccomendations

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And my extreme clutch was free, can't go wrong with free.


Yes you can. Why chance it and put yourself through the pain of changing a clutch when you can just do it right first time.

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Pulled the extreme out of my 14 and it cracked all around the springs on the disc too.



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if u want zero slip twin plate all the way ! bad traffic is a bit shiz and trying not to spin off the lights in the eyes of a cop is a fun challenge but i have full confidence im getting every inch of power to the wheels always . my car came with the clutch installed when i bought it but so unsure of brand

but yeah its got all or nothng ..thats my two cents :D

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First car I had was a s14a with a brass button, also the car i learnt how to drive with.


I had a sore ankle the first week of driving it, but after u get use to it, well worth it.


Once you learn the friction point, just release and accelerate quickly, for reversing/parking i just clutch kick it. Scares the sheet out of bystanders.


Would love one in the s15, but i doubt the gb can handle it.


So my recommendation is brass button, on the bonus side if your car was ever stolen, the thieves would probably give up on trying to get out of your driveway.

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