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What is the sensor for?

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i have the same sensor in my s15 and that doesnt have climate control so what would it need it for?

In the s15 it is a red LED related to the factory immobiliser as stated earlier. If you run a power FC or similar, that bypasses the factory immob. and the light either doesn't turn on or stays on when the ignition is on (what mine does).

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An ADM S15 has the red LED in that position for the factory immobiliser, a JDM s15 has no factory immobiliser and has a sun sensor there for the digital climate control.


To be honest, not sure exactly why they need a sun sensor there as an automatic climate control system could work purely off the air cabin temp sensor, Nissan wouldn't have used it unless they had a purpose for it though.

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They're in that exact spot in every car I've seen from Japan, in STI's and everything. Kind of strange that all the manufacturers would run the same style sensor in the same place for different purposes =\

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