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Greetings people of the forum,


I find myself here, starting the build thread of the offensively bright coloured Sileighty affectionately known as the bananarama, so that I can share with you the adventures we are surely yet to encounter.


It all started many moons ago when a young boy was returning from the shops with his parents, suddenly a frightful sound filled the air, a demonic scream, louder than the voice Thor himself, echoed through-out the streets. I watched with my head out the window in awe and shock as we were over taken by cars facing the wrong way and smoke billowing out the back of them shouting out to the gods of the night.




Needless to say I was stunned, I'd never seen anything like it before and I spent the next the next 5 years falling deeper in love with the classic 90's shaping of the s13, the sound of the sr, dreaming that one day, maybe just one day, I would get the chance to own one.




Knowing my L's were coming up, I decided I would get a car about 6 months before hand so that I would have enough time to make it close enough to how I wanted before having to drive it. After seeing countless write ups of the Pulsar gti-r and how much of a weapon they were, I had decided I would get an n14, nothing that stands out at all on the road but i wanted it to pack a bite. I got a nice little 1.6 N14 q for a good price out of the quokka, and as fate would have it, in the same quokka was a FWD sr20de.


I purchased both and went to work instantly, cheap engine aesthetics, quickly snowballed into gti-r individual throttle bodies and cams, before i knew it nearly all the interior had been stripped and I was super glueing looks of surpise on commodore owners faces as I faded into the distance.


This was all fun and games, but I still couldn't ignore the fact that it wasn't the s13 so I made it neat and respectable again, sold it and went on the prowl for the car I wanted.


Enter my first s-chassis, a red, sr20de s13. I didn't do all to much to this one, just bigger brakes and a shimmed vlsd, enough to keep it fun on the copious amounts of hills driving i did but alas, too much limiter and pushing the poor 180xxx srde to its limits resulted in me popping my first engine, the engine was an easy fix but the smashed up rear quarter wasnt. As shattered as i was, I knew this was a chance for better things to come.




Within 2 weeks I had another s-chassis, a sandstone beige 180sx sr20det, I spent a fair bit of cashola on this one, just enough money to send the missus over the brink and she convinced me that a house was much more important than blowing nearly full pay cheques on a car. In the end I sold her (the 180, not the missus) to buy a more practical and cost effective car.




Haha yeah, that idea lasted about 2 days before I started the hunt for my next s-chassis mid February this year.


I'd bought a couple of things off of Mitchsterbrau for the 180 and I'd always oggled over his Sileighty, mostly the Z but there was a fair bit of sileighty eyeballing going on too, about 4 days after selling the 180 I saw an add on gumtree with a display image as bright as the sun itself and I found myself thinking that that is a familiar site, could it be?


Sure enough it was Mitch's Sil and after we went for a quick lap of the Padbury D1 circuit and my test drive I was sold. It was a street legal go-kart and it was mine, all mine mwahaha. Of course the first place I went had to be the missus' place to show it off, thinking this was an awesome idea until I was met with the "really?" look, god forbid any man should ever see that look.





-1998 Type X Blacktop SR

-Tomei PonCams

-Tomei Rocker arm stoppers

-SARD 850cc injectors

-Bosch 040 intank

-K&N 3" pod filter

-Kinugawa td06-20g


-Steampipe high mount mani

-Koyorad 52mm radiator


-A'pexi PowerFC D-Jetro

-Greddy Profec

-3" zorst



-Tein Coilovers

-Rear adjustable camber arms

-Front and rear sway bars, unsure of brand but thicker than a scotts accent

-Castor brace

-Adjustable castor arms

-Kazama tie rods and ends

-Front and rear strut braces




-Bride copy fixed back driver seat

-S14 passenger seat

-Jap wheel

-PAC-MAN and friends




-17x9.5 +18 drifteks - black with curb polished lips

-235/45/17 all around



-z32 front brakes and slotted rotors all round.


When i first got her, nervously standing behind it in case she decided to throw something at me:




Then realising, beetches ain't sheet, I just got another silvia:




Dat ass:




Instantly wanted to clean her up as it was by no means a show car. I've always had the biggest trouser tent for the factory styling so I sourced bumpers and travelled all around the country side. In doing this, excitement got the better of me and tyres went bang so I had to roll on these baller wheels until I got more.




And with the ca bar on:




Pretty much how she sits now, just got a TD06-20g and steampipe mani, and placed the order at Tengoku for the rest of the sensors I needed to get the d-jetro going, external gate. Next order should be Tomei 740cc injectors and probably a lot of other sheet I don't need.


Next update shouldn't be far away at all, so until then..

Pip pip cheerio,


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Thanks Shane :)


Currently weighing up whether or not to get a spare head and squeeze as much torque out of it as I can and swap them over or wait and see if this setup dies then do a full rebuild. Decisions, decisions haha

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Haha yeah he did, I got him down but when he realised what it was it was pretty close to full price. All good though, it'll look a treat on the front bar I picked up off ya :P


Edit: auto-correct

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  • 4 weeks later...

So I spent some monies and got some goodies. MAP and AIT sensors rocked up with harnesses to make the d-jetro go (haha d-jetro go d-jetro go d-jetro go anyway..) accompanied by a rather spectacular looking chunk of metal that's meant to help my turbo breathe better and stabilise pressure in conjunction with the Greddy profec that somehow found its way into the stock pile too.




Should keep me happily entertained until the injectors arrive and I can get it tuned and return it to daily duties.

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Writing an update got me keen sooo profec is now in and working as it should, just bolted in the new bride copy and stripped the rear to replace the carpets and freshen up the seats as the smell of 20yo soggyness isn't a pleasant one.








EDIT: apologies for the excessively large photos but sheety phones are gonna be sheety

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hahaha great write up dude . i just picked up my sil80 on sunday so starting the ole build process now haha :) my build threads just below yours buy the looks of it yours is gonna travel alot faster then mine gotta save up for another motor first :( haha

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Thanks man, yeah it's only going as quick as it is because I've become somewhat accustomed to living off mi goreng and microwave meals between this and the ever keen eye the missus has over my savings haha.


Putting the engine straight in or going to rebuild while the ca still gets it from a to b?

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I know haha, that had a lot to do with the insta-buy, so light and thin!


I was considering factory two tone or a metallic charcoal but still undecided at the moment, nothing crazy hectic.

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factory white gold two tone

factory white gold two tone

factory white gold two tone

factory white gold two tone

factory white gold two tone

factory white gold two tone

factory white gold two tone

factory white gold two tone

factory white gold two tone

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Really depends man . If I can get the ca running then ill drive it for a bit sell my commodore then buy sr but if the ca wont start im not gonna spend rediculous amounts of money to try fix her as im going sr either way just depends when the finances are ready :)

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I know haha, that had a lot to do with the insta-buy, so light and thin!


How's it working so far for you? I've got one sittign at home waiting to go in when I get my 15 back.


think it might of been munt saying tom @ pzp was having troubles with the profec on the dyno?


Munt feel free to jump in here and give us a speel. might not have been you.

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So far it's been doing its job with just a couple of quick test laps but I didn't go too much into its technical side yet, as I was planning to get it all tuned together.. At pzp haha. I read a few reviews before the purchase and they all seemed pretty positive though, time will tell I guess.

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Not much of an update really, just keeping my progress posted. When I got the sil, there were a fair few gauges that had been cut into the dash and only the boost gauge worked, ugly as sin really and useless now that I've got the profec so they had to go.




My little brother has always called this car "pacman" and he loves sitting passenger, so I figured if I put some imagination into it, I could make him happy AND get rid of the unsightly holes in one. The end result:



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  • 1 month later...

Alas, another update has arrived.


The last month has been a rather productive one, I thought I'd do the smart thing and book a date to get it tuned in advance so that I didn't have to wait a month after it was running to get it done. All good and well and set to go to PZP on Saturday the 31st of August, no dramas there but finding motivation after 12 hour shifts seemed to be the real challenge.


None the less, one night after a delightful day at work I couldn't think of any better way to use up all the heated energy than to actually make a start and do something productive with the car instead of useless cool sheet like pac-man. I woke up the next morning bright and early to a gutted banana in the driveway and what used to be the interior dumped in the front room. That night I got stuck back into it, cleaned all the stray wires up, vacuumed it all out and left it to air out.. For about 2 weeks..


Being pretty flat out at work meant I hadn't been fully committed to getting the sil back on the road, or keeping track of time. As I was sitting there, pondering life's many mysteries after a fulfilling meal, it struck me, "HOLY FRACK, IT'S GETTING TUNED IN A WEEK AND A HALF"


I think that week and a half must've been the closest any human has come to looking like roadrunner, it was a mad rush to get everything back in, by midnight I had the interior back in and had relocated the new battery to the boot (340cca-650cca), the next night I'd swapped over turbo, mani, injectors and fuel pump.


I decided to wait for the weekend to wire in the new injectors and d-jetro because I wasn't sure how much actual wiring was involved and I didn't want to risk it in the night being colour blind and all. By Sunday I had the engine good to go, all that was left was to fab up another gate pipe as the first one fouled on the engine mount. I finally got it all done and cranked it over for the first time and my oh my, was it a sound for the ages, the baby poncams sounded like dragons coming straight out of the td06 rear housing, but it ran, and that was good and made me happy and warm on the inside. I did notice, however, that the coolant lines to the turbo ran too close to the manifold for comfort so I took it all off again, re-routed them, topped up the coolant again and only just got it going in time to tow it to the shop.


Tom had it for a week and after fabricating a pretty, pretty dump/down pipe he played and tweaked and worked his magic, maybe a little too much magic. When I was picking it up I was informed that when he took it for the road test and put his foot down, the passenger side mirror decided "catcha *rabbit*" and was never to be seen again.

Ok, so maybe it was a dodgey mirror to begin with but I'm claiming it on new found power. :P


The final results on a safe/road tune:


[email protected]


[email protected]


[email protected]


The drive home was fun to say the least, it's on the laggy side but when it picks up, it picks up proper. Had a fully sick hectic commodore pull up next to me, Mr. Backwards Cap has the audacity to tell me to "go burn some rice".. I feel somewhat sorry for the amount of gate he copped, although it's good to know it doesn't take too much to skip out in fourth.


Unfortunately, that brings this chapter to a close. But before I fare thee well, I'd like to take the time to thank all the people who helped me go from PAC-man to 320hp in a month.


Tom at PZP for putting in hours of effort to make sure everything was right up to par,


Crumz, for his SR wisdom along the way,


Josh(SR FURY), that oil return line was the last piece of the puzzle,


Marshall at Tengoku Imports, awesome service at an awesome price,


Josh(CanCer), JT Towing got the car there in a professional manner and were good for a few laughs along the way,


Ben, probably won't see this but did a fair bit of welding for me and played chauffeur,


Ray White real estate for letting me use a rental as an all out garage haha feggits



Th-th-th-tha-tha-that's all folks, compulsory update photos coming, next should be panel & paint =]


P.S. If you actually read all of that, you deserve a pat on the back.

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A common site:




Quickly getting there:




I'm a car again:




A nice amount of torque:



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