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Z33 Gearbox conversion

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Hi Ladies and Lads,


After leaving my car to wallow in its self pity for long enough, ive decided I want to remove the piece of sheet Z32 box. I have a few options, but the Z33 appears my best, albiet not the cheapest. The Z32 box has been a serious source of pain for me. I had it rebuilt, installed and its never done what its meant to.


So out of all my options, one of them is an Z33 conversion.


My question to the SilviaWA community is this. Anyone know of a business in Perth which has successfully, fitted, installed and ran a Z33 6 Speed box into either an S14 or S15.


If so who. Does the owner of the car reside on this forum? I want to get as much information together before making my decision.



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Few people in america have done it with adapter plates but have trouble with fitting the starter motor i think. There will be some threads if you search google. Not too sure on how many people in aus/perth have done it. Generally considered not worth it because z32/rb boxes are tank.


On another note, What z32 kit do you currently run?. What problems are you having?.It seems like there may be a problem to do with the install/install kit or box rebuild if its not working properly.


I know its not what your asking but z33 is a big investment on fixing something that shouldnt be an issue.

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You know, i started to type it all out. But it just pissed me off even more than I already am. I just want that box gone.


If no one in Perth has done this, ill just have to throw an S14 box into it.



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Sorry for the re-ask, but would you mind ellaborating on what adaptor plate / conversion kit you're using? As I'm definitely with Matt, there must be some other issue as everyone I've known and all readings on the net seem to be successful.


Here seems to be a complete list of parts required, from a conversion done on the zilvia forums: http://zilvia.net/f/showthread.php?t=530573


Has got me interested in the Z33 swap, researching for my own sake and a comparison of the ratios helps:


- s13/S14 -------------z32--------------------Z33
1. : 3.321 -------------- 3.21 ---------------- 3.794
2. : 1.902 -------------- 1.93 ---------------- 2.324
3. : 1.308 -------------- 1.30 ---------------- 1.624
4. : 1.000 -------------- 1.00 ---------------- 1.271
5. : 0.759 -------------- 0.75 ---------------- 1.000
6. : - NA ------------------NA------------------ 0.794


6th gear ratio is actually higher than the others 5th, would need a lower ratio diff to really get any benefit of a 6 speed for cruising.


Another detailed list of parts: http://240atlanta.com/forums/showthread.php?72905-99-99-COMPLETE-Z33-to-SR-TRANSMISSION-CONVERSION

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now i dont mean to be rude, but you seem to be having a problem that is fairly isolated to you, i myself have a z32 box with no dramas. so maybe opening up about that we could shed some light on the situation




anyyyway, z33 box


adaptor plate : http://www.maverick-motorsports.com/collections/frontpage/products/z33-transmission-adapter-plate

custom gearbox crossmember

linkage mods

custom driveshaft.

bellhousing machining



from memory thats it.its not unlike the z32 install it is just a different box. its also possible it will need tunnel bashing but if you install engine and box at the same time it would be ok

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I dont see it as being rude at all. Also the person responsible for this fubar was once on this forum and isnt any more. So ill let loose


The Z32 box has the bellhousing mod. No adapter kit. Runs an OS Giken STR twin to suit an S14. Not sure what throw out bearing was used, but i know the fork pivot was modded to suit. The clutch engages and disenges fine.


The issue is the remote shifter. They tried to fabricate a bracket and fracked it so much, or it was too hard and decided to fit it directly to the chassis. Let me repeat that. The remote shifter was bolted directly to the transmission tunnel. That would be fine if the gearbox and chassis moved together, but they dont. The shifter was cut in approximately 6 places (ill post photo's for a laugh when im back in Perth). The car wouldnt shift without double clutch it. Forget about quick shifting.


I got a new shifter and bracket which suit the mod. But with a new OEM shifter which sits out to the side. She still shifts like a mofo. Im not sure if the remote shifter mounted to the chassis or the obomination that was the shifter has screwed the box. Could be something else is worn, shifter forks etc. It was completedly rebuilt before installation as I didnt want drama's. I wanted it just to work and i paid good coin for that.


So here I am, I love this car. Its a great ride if it wasnt for the gearbox.


Im also running an R32 Nismo rear diff, (4.11 i think). I have no issue with the taller 6th on the Z33. The difficult thing is finding someone to install the thing. Ill most likely be buying a new Z33 box direct from the states. But if no one in Perth has done it before im not going to take a 3-5k risk.


I hope this answers your questions and thanks for the replies

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Um, yes, sounds very questionable on the shifter setup and the double clutching required, most probably damage to the box when disengaging/engaging, however if its been rebuilt since then I'm unsure. May want to even question the cut/shut to the bellhousing if it has been done correctly? (Hopefully not to the same standard as the shifter).

To be honest, If you're willing to spend that amount of money, and willing to give a fresh Z32 setup a go, you can definitely come in cheaper for a quality setup (I mean, if you're going to spend that much, for a Z33 setup, may aswell spend a bit more again to get one better?).

My mate has a Z32 box (yet to to be installed) but is the first time I've seen the Alpha-Omega kit in person, looks the goods and the feedback online is that it is the goods. Expensive, yes. But you can get the entire shifter relocation kit to sit in the stock position. http://www.ao-ps.com...version5spd.php

Total expensive for the entire AO kit, Z32 gearbox, bellhousing machined would come in at around 3k. Assuming you use your existing tailshaft (not an additional expense).

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Well ... there is the moving disengage point. When driving, the disengage point will slowly creep up. Which I believe should be the slave cylinder. I have a new one, just havent fitted it.


Know of someone trustworthy I can take it to? My issue with this is I dont really want to drop more cash on a lost cause.

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I'd be looking into master adjustment and check to see if the master is bypassing or slave is stuffed. Sounds very clutch related. Tho a shonky shifter setup will never help

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Do you mean the adjuster at the pedal? If so, i have adjusted that. When I got the car back, the original disengage point was when the pedal was almost to the floor. I raised it a couple of inches to within OEM spec per the manual.

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Okay cool. If ur sure the master and Slave are working properly then that's all I got.


Sounds like either shifter is making it hard to shift due to movement/crap design and/or your gearbox is now stuffed as a result :/


The kit luke mentioned seems to be the best one around and if I was in your situation I'd be going down that route instead of a z33. Sounds like your current setup is abit of a hash job.

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The 6th gear isn't there to be a cruising benefit, its so you can have a closer ratio box, .75 to .79 will be like ~150rpm difference.


Things that are concerning from reading what you have wrote

- Welded bell housing (nothing wrong with this if the person doing it knows what they are doing)

- Modified clutch fork

- Bad shifter relocation, although you have tried a stock one and there is still a problem

- Previous conversion done by yolo artists



If the bell housing is the right length your best option might be to buy another z32 and swap the bell housings, run a standard clutch fork and slave setup if your current bell housing will allow for that and then get a good shifter relocation kit, like one from alpha-omega.



I would recommend talking to luke (crazy lukes speed shop). He will be able to help narrow down the problem if he can see whats done to your z32 conversion compared to his.

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The 6th gear isn't there to be a cruising benefit, its so you can have a closer ratio box, .75 to .79 will be like ~150rpm difference.

BUT, compare first gear ratios (3.21 to 3.794), hence using a lower ratio differential for the 6 speed to make first gear usable; ultimately increasing the rpm difference when using the final gear (being 5th or 6th respectively). Main benefit I see there is for cruising :P Off-topic sorry.


If the master and slave are perfect, I'd be looking in to bleeding the system and eliminate your problems being clutch related.

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So first off a bleed of the clutch system, ill replace the slave while im at it.


Ive messaged Luke to see if he's interested in having a look.


Anyone selling a Z32 box?


Thanks again everyone for your input, its greatly appreciated

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A bit old but,


if your still having no luck,


Andy at Hyperdrive is one of the few who actually did/ possibly still does cut and shuts (big $).

Badga ( http://www.silviawa.com/forums/index.php?showuser=89 ) used to do conversions and conversion plates and was the owner of Crazy Lukes un-used sr converted z32.

Marc/ the old c-redworkshop did a few over the years and may be worth a final shot to get some information out of.


can definitely say they are a fun box to drive with with a good wack of power :P .

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Hi everyone sorry for bring up a old thread but i needed some help on this,

I have a Nissan Silvia S15 (200SX) been with S13 (5speed), S14 (5speed) & S15 (6speed) gearbox.
Recently i have got a chance to get either a Z33 or Z34 due to a mate have both car that going to be scrapped soon. There is a few question i have been researching but getting kind of mixed answer which i like to clear off. Before i start buying the conversion kit :)
1. Z33 or Z34 a better choice? (some saying Z34 bellhousing is shorter than Z33?)
2. Mazworx SRVQ Bellhousing after cutting the bell housing of stock. the gap inbetween can it be seal up or can i cut actually shorter off so that the gap will be closed?
3. does it need hammering of tunnel. (i read some said that mazworx adapter does not really need hammering)
4. Can i retain S15 Dual mass flywheel & clutch?
5. Is there any NVH if convert to the above mention transmission?
6. would like external slave pump just like stock s15 6 speed
7. what is with the synchro match & speedo thing as i am not quite sure on this section?
i am so sorry that i have to came to check with you as i cant get a definite answer on this part.
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