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Help, I broke my box.. Replacement options?

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Z33's are ~5k new from nissan here.


~1.7k new in the us fuark. heaps cheaper second hand..


waiting on a shipping quote



hyperdrive and galvsport do bell housing mods for rb25's no kit required. allstar want a kit.


alpha omega kit just seems so wildly expensive..


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1.7 in the us, 5k over here.. Are you serious? Guess I retract my previous post. frack this aus inflated price bullsheet

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Should email to ask them what the price is.


Also this:




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got an email back regarding pricing, just over 2200US, plus the 749US for the adaptor kit, rough conversion makes it 3500AUD delivered in aus, you could save about 800US though if you go second hander or 1000US if its not a CD009, so could potentially be a sub $2400 conversion if you do it cheap!

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Its still somewhat expensive, but when you compare it to the other options available then its becomes a very attractive option.


Add to that a twin plate clutch ~2k. 5.5k for a "bulletproof" S chassis transmission? :P

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Personally having had actually driven both,

(all be it not in a silvia for the z33), I'd still go a z32box over either of the other choices.


The way they have frack all throw, connect up solid and you can man straight through the gears on full noise is wonderful, Loves abuse.


Rb box is still fine, know of plenty surviving behind way worse than "many hp" sr's around and considering you can buy a bashed up z32/r33 for $1500 odd, hock off parts and get a new box out of it, why bother dicking about importing and all that, do one cut and shut and swap the belhousing.

There's always going to be some Mandurah/rocko-spec (looking at Mcnaughty and munt here :tease: ) selling their sheet cheap because they have no idea. :P

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So why is everyone looking overseas for a box, are the just simply rare in AUS? is it unlikley to find a second hand one?


so are all models ok? or was it just the first couple?


Are there any real pros and cons to says a z33 vs z32/rb25 box? like are the z33 much stronger


After reading this thread yes i am now thinking about doing this conversion ha!

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Im not gonna go into super details about model numbers and junk because you can all do your own research and I've only been reading for 2 hours so everything I say might not be true




As Hayden said, early models have synchro issues, google will let you know what ones.


Late 350z and 370z transmissions use a "concentric" clutch slave, this means the slave is actually on the input shaft and there is no clutch fork. Concentric style is going to cost you more to get working. To get working you need a spacer, the collins one is $175 compared to $100 for release bearing adapter and I'm not sure if it even suits sr20 style conversions. Also people have had problems with breaking the factory concentric slaves on heavy clutches because they have plastic mounts, to get one that wont break is $3-400. The concentric style front cover doesnt have the provision to fit a clutch pivot and it looks like they also use a different sized input shaft bearings between these versions so you cant just go and swap the front cover over to convert between the 2 clutch release systems.


I found a z34 gearbox with 15,000kms on yahoo jp for 800aud, this price is ridiculous compared to the others on there, most boxes on their are $1200+ but after taxes and junk its still $1400 to land the cheap one going through maytech, might be cheaper if you can be bothered going through other people (i cant be bothered looking into it). In america a decent box is around 800 and should be less than 500 to ship here. However it might be hard finding someone who will do the work to get it shipped to aus (unless you buy new).


In short, probably best to get one from america and whatever box you buy, you can make work..... but some boxes are more equal than others.



As for z33 vs z32. The z32 conversion will be cheaper but the z33 is a better box, it also has 6 gears and having 6 gears makes you a lord..... for our application its not really going to matter, no sr20 is going to break either box in a hurry.

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For those looking into this for the future..


I went with a cut and shut bellhousing from eleven10 engineering in adelaide with a z32 i got from kyp.



The primary reason for this route was keeping costs to a minimum.


The conversion kits are crack $$$$ and z32's are cheaper than the rbs in general..



Have only had it back running for a day and so far its great - shifts feel tighter and the gearstick is rotated ~15 degress to the driver side but these are no issue.



Happy with the approach I chose :)

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I was curious about the Z33 box into an S15, but it seems you can't really make them fit without serious abuse to the S15...

Here's a 3 part series from Alpha Omega Racing where they tried to make one fit.

They gave up on making a Z33 conversion kit by the looks of things:





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I had a mate in SA last year who got the collins kit and he just had a few things (bellhousing and shifter section from memory) machined down slightly and it fit pretty nice, shifter placement was nice and didnt seem to be much hass to install. kinda regret no buying the whole thing for 2500 when he parted the car really.....

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