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Lock the brakes up on the freeway and use the pads to machine the rotors xD.


nice try Ming but I dont think thats gonna help hahaha




Who organised the track day?

seems there is not much going on trackwise on this forum anymore and ill be looking to thrash my sheetter soon.


only thing can suggest is take the wheels off & spin the rotors and visually check if there warped before coming to any other conclusions.

you might have a flat spot on your tyre? out of balance wheel, camber/alignment issue, other suspension fault, list could go on forever.


Did it through the track dayz group on facebook. But you can also go to the RAC website and book a session. Think there are two more available before the end of the year.


Because I only get shakes under braking I'm pretty certain the brakes are the issue....but yeah ill slip the wheels off and watch how it spins to see if there is anything obvious.

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So been on the forums for ages and thought that is about time I start a thread on my car.   Bit of history first;   My first silvia was a dead stock 92 sr20de Q's.   That car was a crash course in me

Before I start I gotta give a big shout out to Jesus. If he had not gone through that crucification I wouldn't have had the time to work on the SR.   With this in mind i put the shout out to Jesus fo

Tuning session on friday was good! all types of cars on the track from a stock prelude to stock M6 to a full race spec supercharged lotus! Best part was I didn't make an ass of myself and I didnt cras

Track dayze does rac days pretty often...decent group, I used to do their midvale days.



Aiden..if your rotors are just scored and are not slotted and just need a skim let me know, I can machine them for you.


Also something I've noticed, dimpled and slotted rotors get run out a lot more than standard rotors. My s15 has gone through 2 sets of rotors since using slotted and dimpled, on the 13 I use standard rotors and have never had issues with brake shudder and that gets driven a lot harder.

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The rotors are slotted and dimpled, does that mean they can't be machined?


They are pretty scored up tho the scores are not deep....dunno how it happened, brand new pads and rotors went in the week before.


Had a bit of a web search for another set. DBA 4000 rotors apparently were good but arn't manufactured in Australia and from what I have read now suck.


Project mu ones have good reviews but are like 600 for a pair!!


Think I need to figure out what caused it first before I go buying parts tho....

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Excessive brake temperatures caused it.


They can be machined...I can't do them though, I think they use a different type of lathe fitting, sort of like a flywheel machining lathe....I've never had to to it and we don't do them at my workshop.

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No worries zee, gonna do some research and see what to do next. Don't really feel I need more brake power at this point ey so not really interested in trying out bigger caliper.


few options so far:


  1. Machine rotors and try to add in ducting to see if that helps.
  2. Run better quality rotors, seems like project mu is popular but $$$ (plus ducting)
  3. GK tech have knuckles to run larger rotors using the 4 pot calipers I have. Larger rotor may disperse the heat better (plus ducting)
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I have run the HFM dogbones to run a larger disk on the 4spots.. it does help slightly but there will be no substitute for a good quality rotor. Maybe hit up Shnoog.. he was using a rotor he had good results with that were reasonably priced iirc.

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ok guys quick update


Dale gave me some valuable advice, guidance and parts so I could:


  1. Fit a set of DBA 4000 series rotors
  2. Fit a Velo GP90 seat with a Powerail seat rail

Also picked up a new Velo suede steering wheel





This is where my problems start.


The horn was working previously but now is out. When I was replacing the steering wheel I touched the wire to the button on the column a few times and the horn went off but as i was putting the new wheel on it stopped doing this. So yeah I thought maybe a fuse blew


Now you are all gonna laugh at me....


I cant get the fuse out of the fuse box to check it :cry:


It has some plastic cover over the latch that is preventing me from getting at it. Does anyone know how to pull it out or if there is another way to test the horn? I thought that if you touch that wire which goes to the horn button to the steering column the circuit would be complete and the horn would go off....




Its that top LHS grey one with the cover over the release tab.....

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Horn was in the drivers side fuse box in the engine bay. seemed fine.


Took the car for a drive and;


  • The battery light came on
  • Gauges have light but are not working (no speed, revs, engine temp)
  • fuel was working....

trolling the internet for answers now....

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Thanks guys!~



checked it out and looks good....



I think all the hammering i did to remove the boss kit may have wrecked my dash.....ill take it off on the weekend and check it out....

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Tested horn using some wire to complete the circuit and it worked so confident to fix that one up.


Removed dash but couldn't see any obvious damage...I think it may just be broken.

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Fixed the dash.....turns out it was fuse related.....i have been having an extended stupid run.....


Fitted the seat. Rails mount up ok but don't slide easily....I used all the fixings supplied in the kit but something must be catching as I soaked the rails in WD40 in an attempt to get it to slide easily. Ill have a closer look when i take the seat out next. Dont think this one will be doing daily duties.




As my stupid run continues I have a battery drain as well....prob due to all the messing around I did behind the dash.


Car was dead flat so got a new battery (as the old one was getting on three years) and within 24 hours the new battery was dead.


No obvious signs of the drain (stereo etc) so will need to do the old fuse trick.....I have a feeling it may be alarm related as there are a lot of alarm wires under the steering wheel. Should be fun! <_<

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Update, (sorry no pics)


Had to replace the Alternator with a second hand unit. Sorted the power issues.


Still waiting on east bear lip but fingers crossed it rocks up before the weekend.


Booked the car in with Crazy Luke to tuck the exhaust up and replace the hot dog with a Magnaflow muffler. Aim being to remove the drone at high cruising speeds.


Got a wheel alignment done with a bit more camber on both the front and back (from 1deg to 2deg). Also straightened out my steering wheel which was slightly off when I installed it so pretty happy with the result.


Booked in for a track day on the 6th of March. :jump:

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Update time.


Haven't got Luke to do the exhaust yet, Was busy so will reschedule.


Track day was great. Went out and on the second lap I span the car....I think it was lift off oversteer as it just seemed to just come out of nowhere in a corner when I took my foot off the throttle. I blame cold tyres :P Needless to say I made a mess on the track and had to clean it up.




The new DBA rotors that Dale got me held up well. In fact I think the pads copped a bit of a flogging as the car was not pulling up that well the following day. Having the bucket seat also made a huge difference as I didn't have to concentrate as much on staying in my seat.


There were 4 86's at the event. Found I had the pace to catch the non turbo ones but one that did have a turbocharger was all over me. Harrys lap timer was not working properly on my Samsung so I do want to find a way to sort this out....may need to borrow a mates iphone to see if the GPS works better so I can get some proper lap timing done to track progress.




In other news my east bear front lip rocked up!!!


Needs a good sand to smooth it out and I need to fix a small nick in the fiberglass that probably occurred in transit.




Not sure if i should leave it white or paint it black......thoughts?

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