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so me and the misses are looking at a CA powered 180 quite a good price for the mods, top of the line bc coilovers, full kit with a little widebody done well external gate its got some goods :)

The question I have is (although most likely asked before)
what would be the better differences between the two in comparison eg ca has this which is better than this on the sr and so on??

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Keep in mind I have not driven a CA, Below is what I have read/researched


  • SR makes more power easier
  • SR has lots of aftermarket support
  • CA sounds better


Can probably find heaps of info on Google but basically if you buy a CA its likely that if it goes pop u'll end up replacing it with an SR as its just easier and more available.

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Well its the misses car for a while but no doubt she will give it to me when she gets her dream car ya know but yeah thanks for input... Ps if it pops aint no 4 cyl going in

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oh haha yeah but still stupid to waste a built ca why not sell to fund rb? but anyway its for the misses to drive rb will be too much so 1.8 ca is fine for now

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My 180sx was originally a CA18DET and i had no issues with this.

I modified it with exhaust, intercooler, 555cc injectors, t28 BB turbo, aftermarket exhaust manifold, dr drift tune and it made something like 205Hp @14psi if i recall correctly.

when i had my ca it was harder to get sheet for them, like intercooler kits, these days everything's super cheap and easy to find. but back 8 years ago it was a disadvantage.

finding second hand replacement parts specific to ca is alot harder too...sr sheets everywhere ca is a little trickier.


i thrashed the tits of it every day and it loved it, sounded way better than a sr.

i was a pro CA person back then.


when the ca' let go of a cylinder i put in a bog stock s14 jdm motor.

using exhausting exhaust/ic and boosted it to 13psi made something like 225Hp and was way way way more responsive and torquier and i regret not going it earlier.

especially why you need parts and there everywhere and easy to get.


the moral of this story is, i guess, if i was buying a s13 again i would buy a SR and i've had both.


but it comes down to personal preference, if this ca is a good deal and its the car you want, just buy it, the motor should not stop you owning it.

if you going to seriously modify the engine, look at a sr model, or something with a rb25 or vq motor = cause displacement is where its at.

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the moral of this story is, i guess, if i was buying a s13 again i would buy a SR and i've had both.

I went from CA to SR also, missed the high revving nature and sound, didnt miss the oil leaks, noisy lifters and the propensity to blow gaskets.


would I go back to CA? probably not

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