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2jz engine swap

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Like Crumz suggested, have a search around the forum. There are a couple rb powered and 1j/2j powered silvias on here.


An rb swap is going to be a lot easier because the turbo is on the right side. If you want big power, why not a 25/30 or 26/30? They will get you more hp than you reasonably need in a light sil. How much hp are you aiming for?


There is some info about an rb25 conversion in here: http://www.silviawa.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=71336

If you pm that guy, he might give you some advice

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lets start from the top here, you want to engine convert a silvia and mod the engine up to 500-600 rwhp but you don't know what parts you'll need for that?


Assuming you want to do it properly, lets just add 1 of everything from the driveline, engine, transmission, wiring, cooling, fuel supply, brakes, suspension, braces to your shopping list


That kinda power you would be just as easily pressed to LS swap it aswell

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Mounting a JZ...easy.

Everything after that is costly (and the current issue... time consuming :( )

LS/Rb swap will mean you will start and finish the conversion within the same year/decade.

My build thread is pretty much what not to do in regards to swapping a JZ engine.

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