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tuners for wolf v500

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hey guys long time follower first time poster so i hope i have put this in the right section. I currently just bought my 2nd 180sx and it came with a wolf v500 i have called a few workshops pzp, t&r and no one wants a bar of them. anyone know of a good work shop who can compadently tune them?

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There was a shop in cannington along railway parade, unsure if he is still there, pretty sure the guys name was Barry I know he tuned wolf.


Other workshops




-all star

-garage 101



Just some of the places I can think of, not sure who does wolf anymore though.

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Ya I think in the end I will go a different ECU, But for now I just want to use what I have. From what understand the wolf v500 is worth 2 grand new so it not exactly cheap.

It came in the car when I bought it and I dont have the cash at the moment for a new ECU.

But I will see how it runs when I get it back and if im not happy i will save my pennys and throw a nistune or a haltech in it.

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ya i hear ya mate got it back from c red today they did a good job of tuning it made 310hp. he did say it was a bastard to tune so i think i will do away with the wolf soon and get a nistune so any tuner in perth can tune my car!

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