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'94 180sx - First S Chassis - Modding my Way (Pic Heavy)

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Good Morning Lads,


So I've been lurking around on the forums for a long time, reading countless articles and build threads. I started posting a bit lately and so I've decided to introduce myself properly.

My car history is long. I got my first car before my licence. A sheet bucket of a St184 Toyota Celica complete with hole in the muffler, Advanti 17"s and clear coat peel to rival flaky pastries. Since then I've had a Magna, 380 and an Xtrail which I still have (makes picking up car parts from gumtree easy as). But the car that started my obsession was this. a 1993 Nissan NX. This is how I left it when I sold it.

This little rocket had an SR20DE and it was great. However, as we all know... FWD and not enough power. It's essentially an SSS Pulsar in a stupid looking shell. I did minor work to it myself, bracing, wheels, exhuast, head unit etc... which is about the limit of my mechanical ability (still is).

In any case, I developed a need for more power. I'd always loved The 180sx. It was a bit of a dream car. I wanted a pristine one though. One that hadn't been thrashed and one that was completely straight with no rust? Impossible you say? Pretty much!
My search lasted 4 months and tested my patience. I have no doubt I inspected some cars from members on here now, but didn't know about the forums at the time.

One day, I was onto my 3rd round of browsing the classifieds. Something had come up. I set a viewing that night without my mechanic (soooo much of a bad idea), and paid a deposit on the spot after a test drive. It was mine. I wasn't letting this one get away.
So these were the pics used to advertise it:



And this was when I (literally) got my hands on it that night. I overpaid for it, but I was ecstatic!

So when I bought it the only after-market parts were the exhaust, the gay af wheels, turbo timer and alarm, momo wheel, sound system, a walbro fuel pump and KYB Shocks with RSR Springs. Apparently the car was set up for Hill Climbs in Japan.
When I got it, it had 94000km on it, which I really do believe are genuine. It was imported to Aus with 33xxxkms on it, and I'm the 3rd Aussie owner.

So what was the damage the day after when my mechanic came and had a look. Pure shock. No rust, completely straight panels, straight frame and chassis in general and essentially stock. He said it was a unicorn, which I've come to appreciate more now. Only issue, minor minor leak from Power steering pump... common issue...

I wanted a good base to mod and do things my way. I also wanted to keep it as legal as possible. I was pulled over within hours of owning it and really, I have learnt not to be surprised. The Policeman was a true lad. Just bretho'd and off I went, no problems.


I upgraded to S15 seats almost instantly. Pic below shows S13 (closer) and S15 (far) difference.

Anyways. My first issue with the car was the eye-sore of wheels that it sat on. They belonged on a Commodore or a Falcon... or in the pile at a tip. I eventually sold them to a guy who was going to put them on a trailer, so go figure.


I decided to get new wheels pronto. Then I started looking at 5 Stud conversion... then I thought, well if I am doing that I may as well do the brakes too... So I did. I bought parts from ebay and JCPWA and it begun.

The end result was this:

5 Stud all round. R33 GTST brakes all round including drum handbrake with braided brake lines (work done by KYP). New Rota Titan Wheels with Nexen N8000 Tyres courtesy of Vision R.

Now I know a lot of you will bemoan me not doing the work myself, but really...I'm essentially an accountant by trade and have not grown up around cars, or ever tinkered with them before. I am mechanically impaired, I try with the simple things but for more important big things... I'm out of my depth.


Anyways. From the above pic you could see it needed more low. Coilovers were needed.
These were bought and fitted. It turned out they didn't bolt straight up because of my aftermarket suspension parts from S14 and R33... KYP to the rescue again.


I then did a few things myself, upgrading the rear swaybar to a 32GTR and added front and rear strut braces. The rear was a nice whiteline i picked up cheaply :P


Following and during this period of automotive enthusiasm I made a few "car" friends:



I also took my favourite pick of my car shortly thereafter:



After that I got the car tinted and had the roof wrapped gloss black. 35% tint on fronts, 20% on rears. (My work mate with an Evo 7 got his done too)


I've got a few parts sitting around waiting for the installs: a boost gauge, BOV and a return flow FMIC (should be here soon). Hopefully i'll do these myself with a bit of help.

I have big plans for the car, and will no doubt pester many of you in future with stupid questions.


Over the next year I hope to be collecting the following parts.
Rocker arm stoppers, Tomei Poncams, 550cc injectors, z32 afm, electronic boost controller, Garrett GT2871, 6boost Manifold.

Once these are acquired, I'll be heading to a reputable garage to install the parts plus a Nistune and leaving them some time for a good tune.

Well, that's about all I can think of in my half arsed write up during my lunch break. But if anyone has any questions or comments let me know!

Bottom line is this: I'm always looking to learn. I love getting feedback and hearing people's opinions.

Hopefully I've given people something to read and have a laugh over :yeah: Maybe the forums will become active again?


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Prosport Boost Gauge from Project Sokudo now installed after a lot of mucking around! Makes this bloody annoying beep when it turns on... anyone had this drama with them?




Pretty sure they all do it mate by design, to tell you its powered on haha. I do believe you can mute it, ask Ollie he has the same gauges.

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there is a particular button combo that turns off the beep.

but it hink it also disables the turn on beer sequence as well as the warning beep.


i don't think there was a way to disable turn on ceremony but have warning beep on.

kinda lame.


also if your 12v constants not there, it will forget and beep anyway


did you read the manual :P ?

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yeah if its wired correctly you hold the button in and turn ignition on keep holding it till the beep stops :)
it will remember if you have the 12v constant wire hooked up correctly and will stay off until battery dies etc

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yeah if its wired correctly you hold the button in and turn ignition on keep holding it till the beep stops :)

it will remember if you have the 12v constant wire hooked up correctly and will stay off until battery dies etc

That is awesome. Will test it out this arvo and hopefully i've wired it right haha. Cheers :D

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Boost Gauge no longer makes the loud af beep! Cheers dudes.

My Remote Fob thingo broke and i need to get it replaced. I have a spare and it still works, have all the other relevant stuff. I basically just want 2 new remotes programmed to my immobiliser, turbo timer and central locking.

Anyone have some advice on where to go, what to get?


Useful Info ( i have next to no auto electrical knowledge, but with a good guide i'm willing to try haha)

I also wouldn't mind getting a spare key cut also, as the spare i have is snapped. Is this as simple as taking it to a key cutter?

Cheers for the advice lads.

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My goal is a nice streeter with enough power to have some fun. I'd like going sideways much better if I knew how however I don't see myself doing that.

It might see an occasional track day here and there, but it is to be first and foremost a fun daily.

Update: return flow front mount to be fitted very shortly along with new brighter whiter halogens to get rid of that yellow light at night times.

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Spotto near salter point yesterday arvo, sitting pretty on the side of the road, had to slow right down to have a look :P

I should have gone to the curtin meet last night, heard it was a good turnout.

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I am now wondering if anyone has any experience with GFB G-Force 2 EBCs?
How easy is it to just plug and play?
Is it safe to just do so...
I'm thinking around 12PSI is about a safe boost level for a stock sr20det T25?
Car will have front mount in by this time also.

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The GFB stuff is amazing from my experience its pretty easy to install with a bit of electrical know how!


From the looks of things 12 psi is pretty much the limit for the stock injectors and I would personally not run anything more than 10PSI. With the stock airflow meter you will max it out pretty soon @ 12 psi and hit the AFM voltage cut limit.


Until you get a front mount, injectors and ECU keep it @ 10psi.

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