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Help Please 180 won't start

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Hey guys. So I drove my usual 15 minute drive back from work to the local shops. Bought sustenance and went back to car. Stick key in, turn and it cranks but won't start. I have fuel in the car, the immobiliser does turn off(had key fob drama the other day but that's not it I don't think...) and yeah she won't start.

Can anyone give me some places to start looking? Cheers! TIA

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Went back 3 hours later and it started. Not sure if it was because i kept cranking and pumping the accelerator, or because it just decided to randomly work. Will be investigating the above ideas this weekend.
In the meantime enjoy a nice side profile i snapped this morning:

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might be worth checking the fuel pump wiring as well, especially if the previous owner installed it themselves, have seen dodgy wiring connectors being the cause of an apparent dead pump...

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