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Daily Zenki, keeping it simple (pic heavy)

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Build to Date:


- DBA T2 rotors with DBA Xtreme Performance pads front, Project Mu pads rear

- HEL brake lines

- STD Racing coilovers with Swift springs

- Hardrace front swaybar

- Hardrace tie rod ends

- Hardrace rear camber arms

- Hardrace rear toe arms

- Hardrace steering rack and rear swaybar bushes and links

- GKTech rear eccentric lockout kit

- GKTech extended wheel studs



- Nistune ECU

- 6Boost T2 low mount manifold

- Kinugawa GTX2867r 0.64

- HPX N1 MAF sensor

- Denso "Audi R8" coil packs - 5-0 Ignite coilpack harness and bracket kit

- Kelford V-188-A Cams (260/266, 11.8mm/11mm),

- Tomei adjustable intake cam (VCT deleted) + exhaust cam sprockets

- Supertech 68lb valve springs + titanium retainers 

- Nismo 740CC injectors

- Walbro 255 fuel pump

- Gizzmo V4 electronic boost controller

- Greddy Type 24LS Intercooler kit

- Replica Garage Defend carbon fibre cooling panel

- GKTech catch can

- GKTech poly engine mounts

- Nismo gearbox mount

- 3" HPI dump and dual front pipe, 3" stainless catback with Vibrant resonator and XForce oval muffler

- Manual conversion by PZP, S14 5 speed with GKTech shifter springs, GKTech clutch line and new OEM shifter, Exedy Sports ceramic 5 puck clutch



- Genuine Nissan weathershields

- Genuine Navan front bumper + JDM Zenki grille

- Genuine Kouki JDM rear bumper

- Genuine Kouki JDM wing

- Genuine front and rear JDM S14 Silvia badges

- KMAK Aero Navan style side skirts

- JSAI Aero Kouki JDM style rear pods

- Kouki rear tail lights

- Aerotwentythree Ganador style mirrors

- Rays Volk TE37SL in Blast Bronze, 18x9.5+22 square

- Falken Azenis FK510 235/40R18

- S15 floor mats

- Momo Montecarlo 350mm steering wheel, HKB boss kit. 

- Pioneer single din headunit with carbon fibre triple gauge plate, Prosport Evo oil pressure, water temp and wideband AFR gauges

- Vintage Nismo style leather shift knob, shift plate and OEM shifter.


Hi all, figured I should come out of the shadows and post a bit about my S14 Zenki.

I picked this up 6 months ago after searching for about 3 years for a nice S1x. Eventually settled for a 2000 N15 SSS in the meantime, which was actually an awesome little daily and I really want another one haha. But after 4 months of owning the SSS, I couldn't resist the turbo any more, and picked up the stockest S14 I'd ever seen. I picked it up for just over $5k, with 116xxxk's on the clock and I'm the third owner from new. It's a 95 sr20det auto, and was completely stock bar a 3" mild turbo-back exhaust. The auto is soooo boring, but makes a good daily, which is it's primary purpose, either way it's being ripped out soon in favour of a manual box. Anyway, pics are needed:






^driving it home, note lame as frack reflective door protectors and monster truck spec wheel gap, what even are speedbumps...




^still probably my favourite photo I've taken of the car.

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The rocker cover gasket had been weeping very slightly since I bought the car, figured the gasket's never been replaced, so that was next. The black paint was also starting to look a little worse for

Build to Date: Suspension/Brakes: - DBA T2 rotors with DBA Xtreme Performance pads front, Project Mu pads rear - HEL brake lines - STD Racing coilovers with Swift springs - Ha

Jeez, been a while since I touched this thread and hardly anything's changed. I'll put some pics up anyway Acquired a genuine JDM Kouki wing:   Picked up these, STD Racing coilovers, lowered it a

I couldn't really wrap my head around how stock it was when I got it haha, I mean it still has the factory Nissan tape deck radio and even the factory 200sx floor mats are still in good condition. Definitely wasn't going to let this one get away :P


So in the couple of months after I bought it, I was just driving it around everywhere, taking spottos with all the other nice cars I saw




This was fun, but I didn't really do anything on the car except service it. All other work was just small stuff, like getting rid of the fade on the indicators, polishing out scratches on the tail lights, re-blacking the mud guards and front lip etc

All was good, until... I rocked up to work one day, it decided to split the top radiator hose, which wasn't an issue as we had one in stock. Fitted that and all was good again... until a few days later, when the water pump started leaking.

So I needed to sort this out pretty quickly too being a daily. Ordered one from work only to find out it was the wrong one when it arrived a week late, which was awesome... My cousin was able to supply one so I took the car around and fitted it


^Some may recognise the car, Trav's RB20 S13, also known as pimpin_calais89

Stock fuel pump also died shortly after water pump was replaced, promptly replaced with a Walbro 255

So far, thats the worst of the problems I've had with the car (touch wood) which I think is pretty good for a 20 year old car.


Got sick of stockies, picked up these for a good price




^Still technically stockies, but soooo much better than stock S14 wheels.


Picked up a Zenki Silvia boot badge, matches the wheels pretty good too haha




^Before vs After



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Does this mean we're gonna see the old girl out and bout in the new year :P ?


Completed the family at uni one day :)



Intercooler was purchased off Dalspec and was installed a short time after.



Just did a quick job of cleaning up the core and piping.





Installing it, with the help of a mate






All back together and driving, the install itself was a bit unnerving. It was the most i'd done to a car before, so the idea of trimming body parts and trying to make it all fit was a bit daunting, but went fairly smoothly over 2 days. Thanks to my neighbour for lending me a holesaw that wasn't complete rubbish and Trav again for making sure I didn't screw anything up too badly hahaha



Threw in a catch can, this was just something I wanted to do, I realise theres not much benefit as this isn't a drift/track car, but figured I may as well.


Picked up this from Goodie, Hardrace front swaybar. Suspension is also something I really want to play around with, even though my mechanical confidence is still not great, although I found installing the sway bar pretty easy which was nice. It's improved the body roll a fair bit over stock, I wasn't really sure how much difference it was actually going to make, but it does feel tighter in the front now. I'm looking forward to tackling the rest of the suspension, going by the state of my tie rod ends, theres a lot of work and improvement to be done.



Did this too, also removed factory bypass valve, cos I'm immature and fluttery noises make me happy :D



I needed to make some progress on the drivetrain, so had the flywheel machined and sourced a new stock shifter from Taarks, new wave spring washer, circlip and snap ring (absolute pain to get back in) for the shifter from Nissan, a solid shifter bushing and upgraded shifter return springs from GKTech. Got the shifter back together and back in the box, can now select gears and it's got me all excited again. Downside is i still don't have a clutch, and recent spending and lack of time means I'm probably only going to be able to do this early Feb, or maybe really early Jan if I can find time.





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Thanks, well I think it made a difference :P whether thats just me I don't know haha but I like how it feels now compared to when I bought the car.

I hope it stays clean too, I'll try my best ;)

This is pretty much where it's at for now, I just went down to Nissan a couple of days ago and ordered a new rear window trim, as the old one was split and faded.






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Yeah just ripped the old one out, and the new one fits straight in by pressing it, didn't use any adhesive as it has a little lip that holds it in, it's actually quite hard to pull it back out once it's in.

I'd also love to do all the other weatherseals and trims around the doors and boot, I imagine it could good pretty pricey though.

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Figured this thread was due for an update.

Finally got an opportunity to get the manual conversion done, yep, no longer auto :yay:



I had PZP work their magic while I was over east for a week. Would have like to attempt it myself but time, space and resources were limiting. Plus this way the work is top quality and was super convenient being a drive in, drive out conversion.

So I've just been driving it anywhere and everywhere the past month, just enjoying it, it's so much more fun to drive now, fuel consumption's taken a dive but eh...

Went with an Exedy heavy duty 5 puk clutch, definitely took a while to get used to at low speed, I've never driven a car with one of these for more than an hour before.

Feels awesome now though, braided line, gktech shifter bush + return springs, new shifter help a lot too.

Seems I got lucky with the gearbox I bought too haha, no apparent issues so far.


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The rocker cover gasket had been weeping very slightly since I bought the car, figured the gasket's never been replaced, so that was next. The black paint was also starting to look a little worse for wear, so I decided to fix that too.

Pulled the cover off and binned the gasket and plug well seals, started cleaning the cover and stripping the old paint off.



I have a thing for candy and metallic reds, so that's what I went with; VHT anodized colour coat, metallic silver base coat with a candy/translucent red top coat.



Base coat done, moved on to the colour. Doesn't look like much here...



This is how it turned out the next morning after a few coats of red. I did the lettering in gunmetal grey, and finished it off with a few coats of clear.

Pretty damn happy with it :D





All back together, new gasket and plug well seals, also replaced the pcv valve, hose and grommet.




Also did the strut bar mounts the same colour, polished the bar a bit.



Only bad thing is now it makes everything else in the engine bay look sheet...

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