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180sx srubbing front wheels

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Gday all! Sorry if this is an existing thread - i had a search and wasn't able to turn up anything directly related. Anyway! My 180 has a bad srubbing issue when drifting. It has some after market knuckles (gktech i think) and coil overs. Before the last event i painted the areas inside the wheel arch where i suspected the scrubbing was occuring - so now know exactly where its hitting.


I'm not that keen on cutting out wheel wells, so am looking for other options to resolve this issue. I've had suggestions offered such as spacers/more offset wheela, extended/adjustable lower control arms etc etc... are these likely to solve the problem? And what else can i do to stop it?


NB: I've already raised the front by about an inch. Hopefully that reduces it a little. Its actually so bad that sometime the outside front wheel will lock up mid drift! Any thoughts appreciated.

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What offset / width wheels you using now?


if there hitting the inside, then yes you need more offset / move the wheels further out.


Tub front end

Smash everything thats it hits with a BFH.

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yehp wrong wheel choice is your big issue, either spacers or new wheels with more negative offset.


how far from lock are you getting because with the extra lock kit you might find youll just shift the scrubbing to a slightly bigger angle.


raising the car might have helped a little but sounds like you have bad hitting if it locks the wheel up.

other than that you could adjust your caster, camber and toe. you would want less negative camber, more toe out and more positive caster from memory???? though it will change the feel of the car

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