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1989 Nissan Silvia CA18 wont start, no electronics, fresh battery.

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Hello everyone, noob here.

I recently purchased a 1989 Nissan Silvia CA18DE Automatic and car has been running sweet after I put in a brand new battery (Less then 2 weeks old, battery was dead)
The car ran yesterday perfectly although I have almost no fuel in the car.

So today I realised that no HUD lights were working, clock wasn't on or anything. I went to turn on the car it went past all the clicks yet nothing turned on and the car would not even crank over... completely dead.

I checked fuses and they seem to be alright?

Any ideas everyone?

Thanks in advance!!

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this doesnt really describe the problem too well,


so you get no lights, no power, nothing? get a multimeter and work your way from the battery to wherever the break in the line is, as above probably the earth line


once you get there it could be anything from dodge wiring to a faulty immobiliser to relays.....its a long road but dont be scared by it, just work through 1 by 1!

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Put a pair of jumper leads on. Sounds like your battery is flat again. Your alternator may not be charging, something may be being left on (like a boot light, or a common fault is the grommet for the brake light switch fails leaving brake lights on) or you just got a dud battery.

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