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S13 high pressure power steering line

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Hi Guys,


Long time no post, I know. Gonna update my build soon!


So I have a leak in my high pressure power steering line. I looked online and found this replacement




It does say it will suit an sr20 but given that its for a 240sx which is LHD and may have a different power steering pump does anyone know if it will fit?






EDIT!! all good the ebay seller got back to me, does not fit. Looks like I'm gonna get butt raped by enzed on this one....

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Yeah it was expensive...but with the time I had, it was still cheaper than getting one made up or getting a replacement OEM part (which would have been a nightmare to install given that half of it is hard lines)


Replaced the reservoir lines as well as they were cracking. Nissan wanted 50 each (x2) but I ended up doing the super sub with some oil lines from auto pro for 15 bucks.


The lines were really dry and cracked, was leaking sheet everywhere. Really should have replaced all the lines with one of those silicone kits when I had the engine out like 2 years ago. Dunno why, the thought never even crossed my mind.


What issue are you having Marshall?

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I replaced both power steering lines with speedflow 200 series, but I had issues with the fitting seating correctly onto the power steering rack due to the different angles of the chamfer! Especially under high pressure. So it leaked!

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