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S15 Stalling

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Hi peeps,


Ok, in the last week or so my s15 has been stalling even with the clutch fully depressed. So stalling say, when I go from 3rd to 2nd and then it won't start. Cranks over.


I've tested the battery at battery world, and it's fine. Car has actually started after I've charged the battery too but I have not yet run the risk of driving it in fear of getting it stuck somewhere.


Other potential checks:

Fuel pump (walbro 255)

Alternator (geez just replaced the 180s one!)

Haltech ECU (??)


Any one else got ideas?


Car specs are here if it helps: http://www.silviawa.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=73177


A little bit stumped at the moment. I've actually tested the fuel pump too as the s15 has a fuel purge switch (used for emptying the tank of E85) so it seems to work and it also primes on start up.


It idles generally fairly rough too, noting it does run ID2200 and 98 fuel. Could be because its running too rich too?


Cheers all


PS: 180 works at least xD

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When did you last change the fuel filter? Could be restricting fuel flow? Also, have you pulled the plugs and checked the colour?

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Nah, I dont think its the fuel filter. I havent changed it since I've owned it, but the fuel purge system is just before the fuel rail. If there was a restriction, I probably would have noticed a restriction of flow.


I will have to check the plugs, haven't done that yet.

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if the fuel filter was restricting flow, he would be able to note than on the pressure guadge of the turbosmart FPR - assuming the guadge is connected.

It would be worth double checking its still mainting base pressure. while running anyway.


if its been running to rich you might get an indication when you remove the plugs, but as allways maintenance items like replacing the plugs are allways good to do.


alternators easy to test...im sure you can work that out with any multimeter :P


the haltech, if you have the software should tell you some important things.....like if the cas signal is not being read corectly it wont fire the spark plugs...maybe get it looked at.


with the spark plugs if the coils are dying the haltech wont know, it will just tell them to fire, so if they dont fire the ecu wont know...



does it run super bad then stall....or does it run "everythings fine" and then shutsdown like you turned off the key?

normal cas will make it shutdown like keyshutoff.

spakrkies and injector issues will usually be followed by coughing and bad running before a hesitant shutdown.

- those kind of things.

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