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Best blow through maf conversion.

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Hi guys after a year or so break im starting to work on my car again. We tried to use my z32 maf to diagnose a problem on a mates z32 and we think its cooked.


Im changing the turbo to a 2876 with 4" intake so i need to refabricate a dose pipe. Was thinking about converting to one of the new vq or r35gtr afms and welding it in on the cold side plumbing.


I've read vq works better but vq35s are renowned for afm problems. Vq30 maxima ones are same voltage variables and a common fix for pathfinders and so on are these the way to go or just put an r35 one in it'll never make enough power to be an issue?

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depends on your ECU, i use nistune and just run their HPX n1 sensors.

i think the 3 inch pipe they can do around 800 hp and 4inch pipe is like twenty one million HP.


when i looked into it the r35 gtr sensors were a little hard to find, i dont know if thats changed,


i dont use mine in a blow through, not really a fan of it, but they are suitable for the job.

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