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S13 Slow to warm up. Heater not hot.

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Hi guys


Been having some battles with the cooling system.


Had an intermittent overheating problem - would only happen occasionally on the freeway after sitting at 100km/hr for an extended period.


A little time later a heater hose split and drained most of the coolant.


Fixed the line. Drained the rest of the coolant. Topped back up and bled the system. Car seemed to be slow to heat up and I had no hot air from the heater.


Decided I'd flush the heater core and change the thermostat. Drained coolant again. Put the hose through the heater core, was pretty clean already. Changed thermostat to a Trident one. Topped coolant and bled. Heater was warm, but the car still takes ages to warm up (i.e. 20 mins idle from cold and the needle is only just on the move up).


Any ideas? I'm thinking perhaps the water pump impeller could be cactus.

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Is this using factory gauge on cluster or aftermarket gauge?

what radiator/fans are you running? with the big thick core rads and fans hardwired on all the time it can take a very long time to get proper warm, lots of people iv came accross not running temp controlled fans and just on with the key or a switch.

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