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Hi Guys, my first post here. I live in Adelaide and bought my S15 200SX new in August 2002, (Australian Delivered)

My question is, how can I tell just what turbo is fitted on my car..?

Is it bush or ball bearing.

I've read all the stories and blurb but no-one seems to have a definitive answer.

I would have thought there was some way of telling on the cars plates build details, etc.

Hopefully you can help me.

I reckon my car is one of the last off the line. Nissan say they ceased production in June 2002 but my car has a build date of July 2002. Nissan Australia told me they sold 3818 here in Australia, mine is No, 3821.

I've just clocked up 50,000ks and the car is still in as new condition, It was my retirement present to myself..LOL



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Hey Mate,


Car Looks Awesome,Very clean. As far as i knew all Australian Delivered S15 were Bush Bearing. only JDM were Ball Bearing. Somecone correct me if im wrong.

Thanks Daniel, I thought that might be the case but after reading a recent article, it said some of the very last delivered to Oz did have the BB turbo...





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