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180SX gauges and climate control cut out when you rev engine.

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Hey guys,


I purchased an unregoe'd 180 not long ago, very keen to get it over the pits and registered to enjoy on the road and on the track. It has a problem where when you first start the engine it will idle fine, and sometimes you can rev the engine in neutral all good but then "click" everything will cut out. Loss of tacho, fuel gauge, climate control, engine temp..... when you turn the car off and back on again its ok until the problem re-occurs. Has anyone experienced an issue like this and could head me in a direction? It has a Nis-tune computer, wondering if that has anything to do with it or possibly a dicky relay......even thinking TPS sensor shorting the dash out but unlikely. I would be grateful for any help before i book it into the sparkies and spend millions of dollars! Cheers.



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